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The Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating Systemâ„¢ (STARS) is a transparent, self-reporting framework for colleges and universities to measure their sustainability performance.

Revising Data

Realize you've made a mistake after you've submitted a STARS report?  Looking to edit information to improve the quality of your report? Don't worry, revising data post-submission is pretty simple.

1. Submit a Data Revision Request

The Data Revision Request form can be accessed directly from an institution's public report by an individual who is logged into the STARS website as an Administrator for that institution. In the public report, administrators should navigate to the credit for which revisions will be submitted (be sure to access the public report and not the My Submission section of the Reporting Tool). Administrators should see a pencil icon next to each reporting field, and can click on the icon next to the field to be changed. The data revision request form will allow administrators to enter a new value for that field and a short explanation as to why the data is being revised. 

2. Requests Reviewed by AASHE Staff

AASHE staff will review the submitted form to ensure the information reflects a legitimate revision (as opposed to an update beyond the timeframe of the report). Upon approval, the changes will then be displayed in the institution’s public STARS report. STARS data revision requests submitted to update information that is beyond the timeframe for which the report was submitted will not be approved. For data updates, we recommend submitting a new report.   

3. Data Revisions & Scoring

It is important to note that data revisions can impact STARS scores for rated institutions. The process for making revisions to an institution’s report is the same even if the change results in a new rating level.

4. Uploading New Documents & Changes to Credit Status

While most data revisions can be handled through the automated data revision request form, there are two instances where changes have to be made manually by AASHE staff: For the following types of requests, please email [email protected] with the relevant information and attachments:

A) To upload a revised version of a document, such as an academic course inventory or the required executive letter.

B) To update the status of a credit, for example from "Not Applicable" to "Pursuing". 

5. Reporting Erroneous or Inconsistent Data

The information submitted to STARS is self-reported. While AASHE staff review portions of all STARS reports and institutions are welcome to seek additional forms of review, the data in STARS reports are not verified by AASHE. If an individual or organization believes that information in an institution's report is erroneous or inconsistent with credit criteria, the STARS Data Inquiry Form will bring the potential inconsistency to the attention of the STARS Liaison at that institution.The details of the data inquiry process are explained in the STARS Data Accuracy Policy.