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The Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating Systemâ„¢ (STARS) is a transparent, self-reporting framework for colleges and universities to measure their sustainability performance.

Get Started With STARS

Join the more than 800 colleges and universities in 30 countries that have already using STARS!

To learn more about the program, see "STARS Overview" and "Why Participate?", or download the Getting Started guide.


Any college or university in the world may participate in STARS. AASHE membership is not required. An institution is defined by having a separate and distinct administration (e.g. president or chancellor). Institutions that are part of a larger system must have an administration that is separate and distinct from others in the system to participate independently. If your institution or organization does not meet these requirements, but you believe that you have a compelling case for participation, please email stars@aashe.org.

How to Participate

To gain access to the STARS Reporting Tool, you will need a free AASHE user account. You can create a new account or reset your password in the AASHE portal. Once you have logged into the portal, click “Subscribe to STARS” under the Subscriptions section. From there, select the “STARS (Subscriber Level)” and follow the prompts to submit payment (if applicable).

Subscription Options

There are two types of subscriptions available. You can move between the two as the needs of your institution change.

Basic Access

Use the free basic access option to track progress and share data.

Full Access

Purchase a full access subscription to earn a STARS Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum rating.

The table below outlines the cost of an initial one-year STARS subscription for AASHE members and non-members. There is a 50 percent renewal discount for all subsequent subscriptions purchased prior to or within 90 days of expiration.



Institution Location

Full Access
(AASHE Members)

Full Access

Basic Access
OECD Country $900 USD $1400 USD No cost
Non-OECD Country* $450 USD $700 USD
Least Developed Country (LDC)* $225 USD $350 USD


* Institutions located in LDCs should apply promo code GLOBAL75 when purchasing a full access subscription. Institutions located in other non-OECD countries should apply promo code GLOBAL50.


The benefits associated with each level of access are outlined in the following table:

 Full  Access  Basic  Access 
Use the online STARS Reporting Tool to measure your institution’s current sustainability performance and create a baseline for continuous improvement    
Streamline your sustainability reporting efforts by sharing STARS reporting data with other organizations (e.g. Sierra magazine and The Princeton Review)    
Participate in the ongoing development of STARS through governance and other opportunities to provide feedback and help shape the system    
Publicly share your institution's sustainability data and earn recognition as a STARS Reporter    

Monitor your progress toward a STARS rating with automated point calculation and the option to export data into .csv and .pdf formats.

Receive AASHE staff support to help ensure the accuracy of your public report before it is published. Learn more about the collaborative review and revision process.

Gain global recognition for your sustainability efforts with a STARS Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum rating.

Receive promotion in social media and recognition AASHE’s annual Sustainable Campus Index    
Compare and learn from other institutions of similar type and demographic - access benchmarking chartsfilter and download data for analysis (AASHE members only), and download any institution's report in .csv or .pdf format
Access all public STARS data through the STARS API