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The Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating Systemâ„¢ (STARS) is a transparent, self-reporting framework for colleges and universities to measure their sustainability performance.

Submission Process

In order to submit your institution's completed STARS report, you must complete the following four steps. If you haven’t done so already, finalize the data requested in the required Institutional Characteristics section of the STARS Reporting Tool prior to submitting.

Please note that at each step in the process you will have an opportunity to cancel the submission and return to the Reporting Tool.

1. Review Your Submission

When you click on the "Submit Report" button, you will be able to see any credits that were left blank or marked as 'In Progress' and will have the opportunity to revisit those credits. 

Also in this first step of the submission process, an institution with a full access subscription may indicate whether it wishes to submit for the provisional rating it has achieved (STARS Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum) or as a STARS Reporter. Institutions without a full access subscription and those that do not earn enough points to be awarded a STARS Bronze rating will automatically achieve STARS Reporter status upon finalizing the submission process.

2. Upload an Executive Cover Letter

A letter from the institution’s president, chancellor, or other high ranking executive, affirming that all of the information in the submission has been checked for accuracy is required. This letter may also serve as a cover letter to the report, providing additional information about your institution's commitment to sustainability, background about the institution, key achievements or highlights from the STARS submission, and goals for future submissions. Sign-off from the institution's executive leadership is an important strategy for promoting accuracy within the STARS self-assessment framework.

Acquiring an executive letter may take some time. AASHE encourages institutions to notify the administration about this requirement several months prior to the anticipated date of submission. When uploading this letter during the submission process in the STARS Reporting Tool, PDF format is required.

3. Update Contact Information

You will be asked to update contact information for the institution's STARS Liaison, Executive Contact and (optionally) your institution's president, chancellor, or other highest ranking executive. 

4. Final Confirmation

The final step of the submission process is to confirm that the information documented in the Reporting Tool is ready to be submitted to AASHE. Upon completion of the submission process, the institution's STARS Liaison will receive a confirmation email outlining next steps.

AASHE staff review portions of each report submitted for a rating for accuracy and consistency and will work with you to make any needed revisions. Once the review and revision process is complete, the report will be published on the STARS website and an certificate of appreciation will be emailed to the STARS Liaison, Executive Contact and President/Chancellor. Learn more about the collaborative review and revision process.

Once the submission process is complete, you may not add any new or updated information to your institution’s public report except to address issues identified through AASHE staff review. However, a data revision request may be submitted if an oversight or inconsistency in a published report needs to be addressed.