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The Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating Systemâ„¢ (STARS) is a transparent, self-reporting framework for colleges and universities to measure their sustainability performance.

Using STARS Data

AASHE believes that transparency is a key component in communicating sustainability claims.  As a result, STARS data are made publicly available in a number of ways.  This information can be used outside of AASHE in research, benchmarking, and other publications, provided that certain guidelines are met (see STARS Data Use Guidelines).

Sources of STARS Data

Scorecards & Reports

STARS scorecards and reports are publicly available in full on the Participants & Reports page of the STARS website.

Data Displays

The STARS Data Displays provide an overview of reported data updated daily. A free AASHE account is required to access the displays. Certain data displays are accessible only to current AASHE members. To learn more, read our Data Display Tips.


The STARS API is a tool that enables different software programs to better respond to requests to share STARS data. The first release of the API provides a software-based interface to the STARS Technical Manual and STARS Reports, opening the door for interesting analysis and collaboration. STARS full access subscribers and AASHE members may request an API key.


The annual Sustainable Campus Index profiles top performers and trends using STARS data.  

Accessibility of STARS Data

Although AASHE provides a number of options for accessing STARS data, current AASHE Members enjoy enhanced access to certain STARS Data Displays.  While enhanced access to STARS data represents added value for members, AASHE wishes to encourage research that advances sustainability across the spectrum.  For this reason, individuals conducting sustainability research who do not currently have access to STARS Data Displays can request temporary access by filling out a STARS Data Displays Access Request form. 

For any other questions about using or accessing STARS data that are not covered in this section of the website, please contact [email protected].

Data Accuracy

STARS data accuracy processes help to protect the credibility of STARS and provide a fair and transparent means for resolving questions about the accuracy of STARS data. View the STARS Data Accuracy webpage for more information.