Join the more than 1,000 colleges and universities around the world that are already using STARS to measure their sustainability performance! 

Register for STARS

1. Register

Gain basic access to the STARS Reporting Tool. 

There is no cost to register, however you will need to sign up for a free AASHE user account. Any college or university may participate. Other types of secondary, post-secondary and tertiary educational institutions are also welcome.

Before registering, please check to see if your institution is already participating. If the institution is already listed, email and we will help you access the existing account.

Basic access will allow you to track progress, manage data and submit a public report to earn recognition as a STARS Reporter. A subscription is required, however, to monitor your institution’s provisional score and submit for a STARS Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Rating. 

Purchase a Subscription

2. Subscribe

When you’re ready, upgrade to receive a year of full access to the STARS Reporting Tool.

The majority of institutions with STARS subscriptions also maintain an AASHE membership. If your institution is not already a member, please note that membership provides a $550 discount on an initial STARS subscription and $330 on subsequent renewals. In addition to these substantial savings, your entire campus community will have access to many valuable member benefits, all designed to assist in your efforts to advance your school’s sustainability efforts. Please contact us with any questions about obtaining an AASHE membership.


The table below outlines the fees for a one-year STARS subscription for AASHE members and non-members. To encourage ongoing participation, renewal subscriptions (i.e., those that are purchased within 90 days of the expiration of a previous subscription) receive a discount of 40 percent. Learn more about how to subscribe

AASHE Member Non-member
Subscription $975 USD $1525 USD
Renewal $585 USD $915 USD

Each subscription or renewal includes the ability to submit one scored report for a STARS rating.


To help ensure that full participation is accessible to all institutions, the following discounts are provided. STARS is a collaborative project; these discounts are made possible by institutions in high-income economies that pay the standard fee. Only one discount code can be applied per subscription.

Discount Amount Code to be used at purchase
Low-Income Economy* 80 percent LIC80
Middle-Income Economy* 60 percent MIC60
Pay What You Can Based on need Apply

* As defined by the World Bank


Benefit Subscription Basic  Access
Use the online STARS Reporting Tool to measure your institution’s current sustainability performance and create a baseline for continuous improvement.
Download your institution’s sustainability data to share with stakeholders. ✔  
Participate in the ongoing development of STARS through governance and other opportunities to provide feedback and help shape the system. ✔  
Publicly share your institution’s sustainability information and earn recognition as a STARS Reporter.
Use the STARS Benchmarking Tool to compare your institution’s performance against other college and universities (AASHE members only).
Gain recognition in The Princeton Review’s Guide to Green Colleges. ✔  
Monitor your progress toward a STARS rating with automated scoring.
Receive AASHE staff support to help ensure the accuracy of your public report before it is published.
Gain global recognition for your sustainability efforts with a STARS Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum rating that is valid for three years. 
Learn more about the STARS reporting process.