AASHE provides a number of resources to help institutions engage campus stakeholders and gather the information required to complete STARS.

  • Outreach
    Use or adapt these materials to share information about STARS with campus stakeholders and request information from data providers.

    • STARS One-Pager
    • STARS Overview Presentation
    • Announcing STARS to Your Institution. Download MS Word file or copy Google Doc. Use this email template to announce your institution’s participation in STARS to campus stakeholders and notify potential data providers that they may be contacted regarding STARS credits.
    • Colleague Outreach. Download MS Word file or copy Google Doc. Use this email template to connect with colleagues at other institutions that are not yet participating in STARS. The template outlines the benefits of STARS and encourages registration.
    • Requesting Departmental Data for STARS. Download MS Word file or copy Google Doc. Use this email template to request information for specific STARS credits from campus stakeholders.
    • Responsible Party. Download MS Word file or copy Google Doc. AASHE recommends that each Responsible Party listed in the Reporting Tool is notified. This email template gives a brief explanation of STARS while also explaining the role of the individual that is identified as a Responsible Party.

  • Data Collection

    STARS 2.2

    Forms and Tracking Sheets
    • Create your own data collection forms by copying these files to Google Drive or downloading in MS Word format.
    • Blank master spreadsheet that includes all of the reporting fields in STARS 2.2. Download Excel file or copy Google Sheet.
    • You can also generate a data tracking spreadsheet that includes your currently saved data by navigating to My Submission and selecting Download > Excel from the Export menu.
    Credit-Specific Templates

    STARS 2.1

    Data Tracking Sheets

    These optional spreadsheets can be downloaded or shared through Google Drive. They are designed to be used in conjunction with the individual credit files located on the Technical Manual page for data collection and tracking purposes. Data must be entered into the online Reporting Tool independently. Learn more about how to share credits with data providers.

    Credit-specific Templates