Sustainable Dining Certification

This is an optional Innovation & Leadership credit. These credits recognize exemplary practices and performance above and beyond what is recognized in standard credits and may not be relevant to every institution. Scoring in the Innovation and Leadership section is capped at 4 bonus points total.

For details about this credit, including the criteria, reporting timeframe, applicability, scoring, and more, please review the full credit language.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our institution has a Food Recovery Network Chapter. Does this qualify for points under this credit?

Having a Food Recovery Network chapter is not sufficient. In order to earn points for food recovery under this credit, institutions must have achieved Food Recovery Verified certification.

What “equivalent programs approved by AASHE” can be claimed under this credit?

Templates & Tools

Example Responses

  • Babson College – Concise response that includes an upload of the restaurant’s Green Restaurant Association certificate.
  • Stanford University – Strong leadership in dining certification and upload of detailed report of GRA certification included.
  • University of California, Santa Barbara – Nice example of an equivalent program not already on the list.
  • University of Connecticut – Eight residential dining units are certified through the Green Restaurant Association! Good documentation on institution’s certified restaurant web page.
  • University of Dayton – Great documentation provided for each dining location. University website includes information on dining certifications.
  • University of Pittsburgh – Good example and documentation of an institution that has achieved Food Recovery Verified email?

Common Issues Identified During Review

  • Institution and/or its primary dining services contractor must have achieved formal certification from one of the approved programs on the list. Purchase of foods from third-party certified producers is not sufficient (this is recognized under the Food & Beverage Purchasing credit).

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