Community Partnerships

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of a formal community partnership?

The intent of the credit is to highlight formal partnerships with community organizations, rather than institutional initiatives that benefit the community.

Formal partnerships are purposeful, lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with external stakeholders to work together to understand and address the core problems facing local communities.  

Can community partnerships with individuals or student groups count for this credit?

No, in order to count for this credit, the partnership being claimed must be formal at the institutional level; it is not sufficient if individuals or student groups form a partnership in the community.

Is material and/or financial support from the institution required?

Yes, for each partnership the institution must provide material and/or financial support. The descriptive field must clearly provide information to affirm how the institution supports the partnership materially and/or financially.

What kind of documentation is required for this credit?

The descriptive response provided must provide information about the following:

  • How the partnership simultaneously supports all three dimensions of sustainability and
  • How vulnerable populations and underrepresented groups are engaged in strategic planning, decision-making, implementation and review.

Templates & Tools

Example Responses

Common Issues Identified During Review

  • Is scope, duration, commitment, and governance addressed?
  • The descriptive field must provide supporting information to support affirmative responses for each of the following: a) The partnership is multi-year or ongoing, rather than a short-term project or event; b) The partnership simultaneously supports all three dimensions of sustainability; c) The partnership is inclusive and participatory, i.e., underrepresented groups and/or vulnerable populations are engaged as equal partners

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