Employee Orientation (2.2)

Credit Language

EN 8: Employee Orientation – version 2.2

Frequently Asked Questions

How has this credit changed from STARS 2.1 to 2.2?

Minor edits were made (a definition for “employees” was added). A comprehensive list of differences can be found in the 2.2 Summary of changes.

What topics must be covered in employee orientation to earn points for this credit?

According to the credit criteria, in order to count, employee orientation must include topics covering “multiple dimensions of sustainability (i.e., social, environmental and economic).”

Example Responses

  • American University of Sharjah – Comprehensive descriptive response is provided. A Sustainability Overview for New Employees presentation is uploaded. An Environmental Health & Safety presentation shared with new employees is uploaded.
  • Florida Gulf Coast University – New employees are presented with multiple opportunities to learn about sustainability at the institution, including in a 180-day New Employee Orientation Academy.
  • Lane Community College – Sustainability programming is covered as part of mandatory employee orientation. An agenda of orientation activities, with sustainability aspects highlighted, is uploaded. Good reporting example for associate colleges.
  • Lehigh University – Response reflects changing to to a virtual employee orientation format in response to COVID-19. A sustainability presentation for new employees is uploaded.

Common Issues Identified During Review

  • Affirmative responses must be supported by information provided in descriptive fields. If 100 percent of employees are covered, then the description should back this up.

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