Participation in Public Policy

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of policy advocacy counts for this credit?

This credit recognizes institutions that promote sustainability through public policy advocacy. Examples of advocacy efforts include:

  • supporting or endorsing legislation, ordinances, and public policies that advance sustainability
  • active participation in campaigns aiming to change public policy; and
  • discussions with legislators in regard to the above.

In order to count, the policy advocacy must have the implicit or explicit support of the institution’s top administrators and/or governing bodies.

Templates & Tools

Example Responses

Common Issues Identified During Review

  • Not providing sufficient detail about advocacy efforts such as supporting/endorsing legislation, ordinances or policies that advance sustainability; active participation in campaigns to change public policy; and discussions with legislators in regard to public policy.
  • Responses must relate to policy advocacy and legislation at any of four levels: Municipal/local, State/provincial/regional, National, and/or International.
  • Referencing community partnerships or outreach campaigns instead of providing specific public policy advocacy examples (community partnerships and outreach campaigns are recognized in other credits and do not count here unless there is an explicit policy advocacy focus).

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