STARS 3.0 is the second major revision of the program, the vision for which was established by the STARS Steering Committee (SC) in 2019. The new version is the product of four years of development and has been shaped by the insights of program participants, AASHE Advisory Council members, SC members, and countless other individuals and institutions that provided resources, suggestions, encouragement, and ideas. In accordance with the STARS Technical Development Policy, provisional drafts of the new version were published for public comment in 2021, 2022 and 2023. Those public comment periods have concluded, however the feedback provided is still available for review.

Features to look for in the new version of STARS include:

  • Redesigned credits and easier-to-follow scoring formulas
  • Simplified course and research inventories
  • Streamlined, performance-based credits
  • More robust indicators of racial equity and social justice

By redesigning credits with accessibility in mind, continuing to prioritize performance over process, and simplifying measurement where feasible, we were able to expand the scope of STARS and still achieve a 40 percent reduction in the number of documentation fields.

Timeline and Transition

Although the new version will not be officially launched until June 18, 2024, it is now available in the online Reporting Tool. Current participants may continue working in v2.2 if that is preferable or else upgrade and begin working under the new version right away. More information about the transition to STARS 3.0 is available in the STARS Help Center.


Individual Credits (PDF)

Report Preface (PRE)

Academics (AC)

Engagement (EN)

Operations (OP)

Planning & Administration (PA)

Technical Notes

  • Point Allocation (PDF). An overview of the methodology used to allocate points across the impact areas, credits and indicators included in STARS 3.0.
  • Benchmarking (PDF). An overview of the methodology used to calculate the water, energy, GHG emissions and waste benchmarks included in STARS 3.0.