When will the next version of STARS be released?

AASHE is currently developing the second major revision of STARS, version 3.0, the vision for which was established by the STARS Steering Committee (SC) in 2019. In accordance with the STARS Technical Development Policy, drafts of the new version are being shared for public comment. AASHE intends to publish an early release version of the STARS 3.0 Technical Manual as soon as possible once the content has been approved in full by the SC. The best case scenario is that we are able to make this happen before the end of 2023. We do not plan to formally launch the new version in the STARS Reporting Tool prior to the second quarter of 2024.

Once the new version has been launched, each institution will be able to continue working on its next v.2.2 report if that is preferable or else upgrade to v.3.0 and begin working under the new version. Submitting a report under v.2.2 during this period will automatically upgrade the institution to v.3.0, i.e., it will only be possible to submit one v.2.2 report once v.3.0 is live.

18 months after the launch of v.3.0, AASHE will begin contacting institutions that have not upgraded to the new version to encourage them to make the transition. Our aim is to have all participants working under STARS 3.0 within two years of its launch.


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