STARS includes incentives to encourage institutions to complete an assurance process that successfully identifies and resolves inconsistencies prior to submitting its STARS Report.

To help facilitate pre-submission assurance, AASHE publishes a STARS Review Template. The template highlights common issues that AASHE staff have identified during standard post-submission reviews.

Download the revised STARS Review Template in MS Excel format or make a copy for sharing in Google Drive.

Benefits of Using the Template

The Review Template will help you identify and resolve potential data inconsistencies in your report, leading to a higher quality report, fewer issues during the post-submission collaborative review and revision process and expedited report publication and rating. In addition, your institution can earn points for using the template as part of an independent assurance process:

  • 1 point is available in the Reporting Assurance credit.
  • 0.5 points are available the Inter-Campus Collaboration credit for providing a peer review of another institution’s submission.
  • 0.5 bonus points are available when the institution’s assurance process includes external review.