The draft Transportation credits for STARS 3.0 are now open for public comment through October 31, 2021.


Draft Transportation credits
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Process and Timeline

AASHE is currently developing the second major revision of the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS): version 3.0. The vision for STARS 3.0 is available on the STARS website.  In accordance with the STARS Technical Development Policy, provisional drafts of the new version are published for public comment. The feedback provided will be analyzed by AASHE staff to inform further revisions, subject to approval by the STARS Steering Committee (SC).

The projected release date for the new version is currently Q4 2023. Progress will be publicly documented in a Trello Board and development timelineIn developing previous revisions, a draft of the complete STARS Technical Manual was shared for public comment toward the end of the process. AASHE staff and the SC are interested in broadening participation in public comment by making it more accessible. Therefore, we have decided to share this subset of credits earlier in the process than in previous revisions on a trial basis.  If this revised approach proves to be successful, it will be repeated for other sections of STARS.