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The Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating Systemâ„¢ (STARS) is a transparent, self-reporting framework for colleges and universities to measure their sustainability performance.

Share Your Story

Congratulations!  You've navigated through STARS, collected data, documented it, and submitted a report. What’s next?

Showcase Your Efforts

2016 Sustainable Campus Index cover

Here are a just a few examples of the many efforts you can take to highlight your achievement and gain recognition.

  • Show off your newly earned STARS seal - Navigate to the ‘My Resources’ section of the STARS Reporting Tool to download the STARS seal and brand guidelines.  Share your institution's achievement by posting the seal to your campus website, social media, sustainability website, relevant newsletters, email signatures, and other visible locations.
  • Share STARS with campus stakeholders - Contact all of the individuals that helped you complete STARS, thank them for their efforts, share the link to your institution’s report, and work together on ways to enhance sustainability initiatives in their area of campus.
  • Create a communication plan  - Connect with your campus’ marketing and communications offices and design a strategy to gain recognition for your achievement with the campus and surrounding community.  A template press release is available for your use in the ‘My Resources’ section of the STARS Reporting Tool.
  • Spread the word - Once you have earned a rating, your institution will be featured in AASHE publications, data visualizations, and social media. Celebrate your achievement by sharing with your social networks.
  • Use STARS as a recruitment tool - Highlight your achievement when connecting with potential new students and their parents to illustrate your campus’ commitment to sustainability. 

Shape the System

Throughout the STARS process, AASHE encourages feedback from its participants.  Now that your institution's report is complete, we encourage you more than ever to share questions and feedback to help shape the system.  We take your comments very seriously - every phone call and email is documented and and every suggestion for improvement is considered in developing future versions of STARS. 

Interested in being more involved in the development of STARS?  Familiarize yourself with our Governance structure and stay tuned to the AASHE newsletters for calls for STARS Technical Advisors and Steering Committee members.