Pay Scale Equity (2.2)

This is an optional Innovation & Leadership credit. These credits recognize exemplary practices and performance above and beyond what is recognized in standard credits and may not be relevant to every institution. Scoring in the Innovation and Leadership section is capped at 4 bonus points total.

Credit Language

IN 28: Pay Scale Equity – version 2.2

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of documentation is required to earn points for this credit?

Documentation supporting the institution’s reported pay scale ratio is required. Please provide information on methodology used, actual compensation amounts, and/or letter of affirmation from the Human Resources office.

Example Responses

  • British Columbia Institute of Technology – Comprehensive documentation includes a letter of affirmation from the HR office, along with a table of compensation for high earning individuals.  
  • South Seattle College – Comprehensive documentation includes a detailed methodology and uploaded compensation report. 
  • North Seattle College – Detailed inventory that shows different salaries by position and by year (excluding names for privacy). Includes an uploaded compensation report and link to Washington State salary database. 
  • Whitman College – Good reporting example of a compensation analysis conducted by the HR office, with affirmation from the HR director.

Common Issues Identified During Review

  • There must be documentation supporting the institution’s reported pay scale ratio. Affirmation from the HR office is recommended if published documentation is not available.

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