Sanctuary Institution (2.2)

This is an optional Innovation & Leadership credit. These credits recognize exemplary practices and performance above and beyond what is recognized in standard credits, and may not be relevant to every institution. Scoring in the Innovation and Leadership section is capped at 4 bonus points total.

Credit Language

IN 30: Sanctuary Institution – version 2.2

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be a sanctuary campus?

Institutions that formally welcome, support, and protect asylum seekers, refugees, and/or undocumented immigrants can pursue this credit. Partial points are available, depending on whether the institution is self-declared versus recognized by a third party recognition program.

Our institution adheres to policies that protect and support undocumented immigrants, but do not use the phrase “sanctuary”. Can this still count?

Yes. Having supports and protections in place is the main requirement. Some institutions and systems have policies to protect asylum seekers, refugees and undocumented immigrants that specifically avoid the language “sanctuary”. (See CSU Channel Islands example below).

Resources, Templates & Tools

Example Responses

  • California State University, Channel Islands – An example of a policy that avoids use of the term “sanctuary, but otherwise meets the spirit of the credit.
  • Swarthmore College – Good example of a self-declaration jointly issued from the institution’s president and the highest governing body.
  • University of OregonAs a state agency, the University of Oregon is not only obliged, but also actively supports the State of Oregon Sanctuary Law, through public statements from the UO President.
  • Wesleyan University – Good example of a self-declaration from an institution’s president.

Common Issues Identified During Review

  • To count, an institution must be formally designated or officially self-declared as an institution of sanctuary (a.k.a. a sanctuary campus). Documentation affirming formal designation or self-declaration is required.

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