Voter Education and Support (2.2)

This is an optional Innovation & Leadership credit. These credits recognize exemplary practices and performance above and beyond what is recognized in standard credits and may not be relevant to every institution. Scoring in the Innovation and Leadership section is capped at 4 bonus points total.

Credit Language

IN 42: Voter Education and Support – version 2.2

Frequently Asked Questions

Does hosting voluntary voter campaigns and voting drives qualify?

This credit recognizes institutions that have earned external recognition for preparing students to play an informed and active role as citizens and voters. Voluntary voting campaigns and voting drives do not qualify under this credit unless they have earned external recognition based on established standards.

Example Responses

  • Gustavus Adolphus College – Great reporting example with uploaded Voter Engagement Plan. Documentation provided for Voter-Friendly designation and a Platinum ALL IN rating.
  • Missouri State University – Documentation on ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge and Silver rating provided through uploaded document and campus profile page.
  • University of Pennsylvania – Documentation on Voter-Friendly Campus designation provided through uploaded press release and university news story. 
  • University of Texas at Austin – Good reporting example showing full documentation of an institution that participated in both Voter-Friendly Campus and ALL IN Campus Challenge.

Common Issues Identified During Review

  • Affirmative responses must be supported by information provided in descriptive, upload or URL fields.

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