Participatory Governance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do students, staff and/or faculty on the highest governing body have to be voting members to count for this credit?

No, they don’t have to have voting privileges to count as representatives, but they do need to be “official” members of the highest governing body and elected by their peers.

Can representatives of a subcommittee of the highest governing body count under Part 1 of this credit?

No, in order to earn points, students, staff and/or faculty representatives must be “official” members of the highest governing body (such as the Board of Regents or Board of Trustees). Simply attending or reporting at meetings is not sufficient, nor is participating on a subcommittee of the highest governing Body if formal membership is not evident.

In order to earn points in Part 2, is it sufficient to say that external stakeholders are engaged or does a policy have to exist?

The descriptive response under “The policies and procedures” specifically requires written guidelines relevant to engaging external stakeholders (residents) in efforts related to university planning. There must be specifics in place that are written down (in a formal policy, procedure, or guiding document).

What are examples of bodies through which stakeholder groups can regularly participate in institutional governance?

For this part of the credit, we are looking for external membership on university bodies (i.e., committees). Your response needs to mention the bodies and mechanisms, and affirm that representatives from each group with a Yes response (local government, civil society, private sector) are represented. For example, a business owner serving on the Board of Trustees would satisfy the private sector criteria.

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Common Issues Identified During Review

  • Part 1: Responses for “Do the institution’s students/staff/faculty members have an elected representative on the institution’s highest governing body?” should reference membership on the highest governing body (usually a Board of Regents or Board of Trustees). Simply having reps on the Board is not sufficient. There must also be support indicating that representatives are elected by their peers to the highest governing body.
  • Part 2: Response under “The policies and procedures” must affirm “written policies and procedures to identify and engage external stakeholders (i.e., local residents) in land use planning, capital investment projects, and other institutional decisions that affect the community”.
  • Part 2: Yes/No responses for Local government and/or educational organizations, Private sector organizations, and Civil society should be affirmed under the field, “A brief description of the bodies and mechanisms through which external stakeholders are engaged in institutional governance…”

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