Committee on Investor Responsibility (2.2)

Credit Language

PA 9: Committee on Investor Responsibility – version 2.2

Frequently Asked Questions

Do standard investment committees qualify?

A general committee that oversees the institution’s investments does not count for this credit unless social and environmental responsibility is an explicit part of its mission and/or a regular part of its agenda.

Do student-managed investment funds qualify?

Committees that only have within their purview green revolving loan funds or similar initiatives to fund campus infrastructure improvements and sustainability committees that occasionally make recommendations to fund decision-makers do not count. Student-managed sustainable investment funds, green fees and revolving funds, and sustainable micro-finance initiatives are covered in the Student Life credit in Campus Engagement.

Resources, Templates & Tools

Example Responses

  • Boston University – Comprehensive responses, with good detail on recent actions. There is a dedicated webpage for the CIR committee that can be accessed from the optional URL field.
  • Loyola Marymount University – Comprehensive responses. Includes a link to a Responsible Investing Program webpage that includes updates about the committee’s work.
  • Montana State University – Comprehensive responses, including the names of the committee representatives. The committee is relatively new and includes a list of recent efforts.
  • University of Massachusetts Boston – Comprehensive responses, including the names of the committee representatives. Includes a link for the committee’s Principles and Operating Guidelines.
  • University of New Hampshire – Comprehensive responses. Good example of a recently established committee that includes comprehensive membership (including alumni).
  • Yale University – Comprehensive responses and historical context provided. Yale was one of the first institutions to formally address ethical responsibilities of institutional investors in 1969.

Common Issues Identified During Review

  • A credit status of “Not Applicable” is only allowed if the institution does not have an endowment, or the institution’s endowment is less than US $1 million. 
  • Efforts to improve investor responsibility should be reported under PA 9: Sustainable Investment, and are not sufficient here in the absence of a formal committee on investor responsibility.
  • Descriptive response should affirm Yes responses for committee representation of staff, faculty and student representation. Any areas not clarified should be updated to No.

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