Assessing Employee Satisfaction (2.2)

Credit Language

PA 13: Assessing Employee Satisfaction – version 2.2

Frequently Asked Questions

How has this credit changed between STARS 2.1 to 2.2?

Minor edits were made. A definition of employees was added. A comprehensive list of differences can be found in the 2.2 Summary of changes.

Do employee diversity, equity and inclusion assessments qualify under this credit?

A diversity, equity and inclusion or campus climate survey is not sufficient to meet the criteria for this credit, unless employee satisfaction criteria have also been incorporated. To qualify, institutions should report on assessment related to job satisfaction, learning and advancement opportunities, work culture and work/life balance, and similar satisfaction criteria.

Example Responses

  • Seattle Central College – Good documentation on methodology. Includes a detailed report/presentation on the results of the assessment.
  • University of New Hampshire – Good documentation on methodology. The survey is largely a climate survey that includes some questions on employee satisfaction that meets the criteria. Good documentation of final results.

Common Issues Identified During Review

  • Descriptive responses must support affirmative responses and should explain how a representative sample was reached. Watch for outliers (high percentages) without sufficient detail.

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