Assessing Diversity & Equity (2.2)

Credit Language

PA 6: Assessing Diversity & Equity – version 2.2

Frequently Asked Questions

Do employee wellbeing and satisfaction assessments qualify under this credit?

An employee satisfaction or engagement survey is not sufficient to meet the campus climate or employee outcome criteria outlined above, unless care has been taken to incorporate diversity, equity and inclusion assessment into the employee satisfaction assessment. Employee satisfaction and engagement surveys are recognized in the Assessing Employee Satisfaction credit.

Example Responses

  • Seattle Central College – Additional documentation includes uploaded results of the assessment, which include employee satisfaction and DEI questions. Good reporting example of an assessment that meets the criteria for this credit and the Employee Satisfaction Assessment credit.
  • University of New Hampshire – Comprehensive responses in both parts. Includes a link to findings of the campus climate survey.

Common Issues Identified During Review

  • Affirmative responses must be supported by information provided in descriptive fields. An employee satisfaction or engagement survey does not qualify, unless diversity, equity and inclusion criteria have also been incorporated.

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