Diversity & Equity Coordination (2.2)

Credit Language

PA 5: Diversity & Equity Coordination – version 2.2

Frequently Asked Questions

How has this credit changed between STARS 2.1 to 2.2?

Minor edits have been made to this credit. Credit language now includes Anti-oppression, anti-racism, and/or social inclusion trainings, and defines anti-oppression and employees. A comprehensive list of differences can be found in the 2.2 Summary of changes.

Example Responses

Common Issues Identified During Review

  • Part 1: Response must reference a diversity and equity committee, office, and/or officer.
  • Part 2: Affirmative responses must be supported by information provided. If “All” is selected, response must show indication that the training is required or that tracking indicates that all individuals of a particular group have completed an optional training.

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