Food Recovery (3.0)

Credit Language

OP 8: Food Recovery – version 3.0


  • 8.1 Food recovery program

Questions & Answers

How has this credit changed between STARS Version 2 and Version 3?

  • A more streamlined version of 2.2’s Sustainable Dining credit.
  • See also OP 11.2 Single-use disposable plastics program, a new indicator that is particularly relevant to dining services, and Innovation & Leadership, which includes new options to recognize dining programs that are tracking their carbon and nitrogen footprints.
  • A comprehensive list of differences can be found in the STARS 3.0 Summary of changes.

What types of food recovery tracking and assessment efforts qualify under Indicator 8.1.D?

To qualify, there must be evidence of food recovery assessment and tracking that occurs on at least an annual basis to inform ongoing improvements. Appropriate tools to support food and organic materials management assessments include food waste audits and competitions such as Campus Race to Zero Waste (Food Organics category), green dining certification programs that address food recovery, and food waste tracking and benchmarking systems.

Suggestions for Institutions

  • Work with your dining services office or similar to report on food recovery programs.

Potential Data Quality Issues

  • Affirmative responses must be supported by information provided in the descriptive fields.

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