Purchased Goods (3.0)

Credit Language

OP 10: Purchased Goods – version 3.0


  • 10.1. Percentage of cleaning supplies spend that meets sustainability criteria 
  • 10.2. Percentage of electronics spend meets sustainability criteria 
  • 10.3. Percentage of furniture spend that meets sustainability criteria
  • 10.4. Percentage of office paper spend that meets sustainability criteria

Questions & Answers

How has this credit changed between STARS Version 2 and Version 3?

  • Several 2.2 Purchasing credits were combined into a single credit, including a new indicator that requires data on an institution’s furniture spend.
  • The criteria for office paper purchasing (Indicator 10.4) have been simplified into two tiers: “preferable” and “other qualifying”.
  • Lists of qualifying standards will be maintained in the STARS Help Center rather than included in the Technical Manual.
  • Spend amounts may be provided in local currency rather than US Dollars.
  • A comprehensive list of differences can be found in the STARS 3.0 Summary of changes.

Which certifications earn points for this credit?

An updated list of preferable standards (with a separate tab for each commodity product) is available.

Resources, Templates & Tools

Suggestions for Institutions

  • Work with your institution’s central purchasing unit(s) to adjust and/or implement sustainable purchasing assessment tools to facilitate comprehensive reporting under this credit.

Potential Data Quality Issues

  • Affirmative responses must be supported by information provided in the descriptive fields, particularly for Indicators where full points are earned.

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