Points of Distinction (2.2)

Credit Language

PRE 2: Points of Distinction – version 2.2

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this credit required?

It is not required, and you may opt to Not Pursue this credit entirely. Up to three distinctions can be listed.

What is the intention behind this credit?

Institutions working in STARS 2.2 have the opportunity to highlight up to three programs or accomplishments that display leadership in sustainability. Participants use this section to help tell their sustainability story and publicize key initiatives whose impact and importance might not otherwise be sufficiently featured in the report. In addition, AASHE may use the responses to this section to identify and promote unique initiatives. This credit is optional to complete. 

If images are uploaded, how will they be used?

AASHE uses images submitted under this credit in our efforts to promote and recognize good practices and reporting examples. For example, images uploaded by institutions have been incorporated in the annual Sustainable Campus Index. Images are used in connection with the institution being featured, and AASHE provides attribution and photographer credit as appropriate. 

Example Responses

The credit responses below are include detailed program information, resources, photographs and links.

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