Operational Characteristics (2.2)

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PRE-4: Operational Characteristics – version 2.2

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Are there there other credits that ask for the same information?

The gross floor area and energy intensive space figures are required to pursue the Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Building Operations and Maintenance, Building Energy Consumption, and Water Use credits, and the total campus area figure is required to pursue the Landscape Management credit.

Generally speaking, these figures should be consistent across credits if the same performance year is being used. To simplify reporting, the Reporting Tool will allow you to copy the figures reported in Operational Characteristics into these credits. If the same performance year is used, but it is necessary to deviate from one or more IC figures when completing a credit, the rationale for doing so must be recorded in the Notes field.  

Please also note that the endowment size figure is relevant when reporting on the total value of the investment pool in the Sustainable Investment credit. Generally speaking, endowment size should be less than or equal to the value of the investment pool.

See related article on Can information be shared between credits?.

What counts as energy intensive space?

Energy intensive building space is limited to:

  • Hospitals
  • Research laboratories
  • Restaurants and food production facilities
  • Convenience and grocery stores
  • Data centers

Other space known to have an average energy use intensity (EUI) that is clearly at least twice that of office/administrative space (e.g., more than 250-300 kBtu per square foot) may also be included. Classrooms, offices, residence halls, auditoriums, gymnasiums, arenas/stadiums, clinics, storage facilities, and convention centers would NOT typically qualify as energy intensive space. For more information, see ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Technical Reference: U.S. Energy Use Intensity by Property Type.

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Example Responses

The credit responses below are complete and accurate, and include supplemental information on building and grounds space, what was included/excluded, and other details.

Common Issues Identified During Review

  • Timeframe: Responses should reference most recent operational characteristics for which data are available at the time of submission.

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