Are STARS Reports reviewed or verified?

Information in STARS Reports is self-reported and not verified by AASHE. There are multiple mechanisms in place, however, to protect the credibility of STARS and provide a fair and transparent means for resolving questions about the accuracy of STARS data:
  • AASHE encourages institutions to complete an assurance process that successfully identifies and resolves inconsistencies prior to submitting its STARS Report.
  • All institutions wishing to submit for a STARS Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Rating are engaged by AASHE staff in a collaborative review and revision process prior to report publication.
  • All information in STARS Reports is publicly available on the STARS website. If an individual or organization believes that content is not consistent with credit criteria or contains errors, they may email their concerns to If AASHE staff determine that the concerns are valid, we will bring the potential error or inconsistency to the attention of the STARS Liaison for the institution without identifying the originator of the inquiry.
  • Each institution may submit a data revision request to correct inconsistencies in its STARS report after the report has been made public on the STARS website.

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