How do I purchase or renew a STARS subscription?

1. Log-in to the AASHE portal  as your institution

When you first log-in to the AASHE portal, you should be prompted to select your identity (individual or organization). Select your institution and click “Continue”.

If you aren’t prompted to select your identity, you can easily toggle between one account and the other once you are logged in to the main screen of the portal in the My Profile area:

If you do not have the option to log-in as your institution, you may not be listed as a contact. Please email for assistance.

2. Check for an existing invoice

Check My Account to see if there is an existing invoice for a subscription renewal. Renewal orders are automatically generated when a full access subscription nears expiration. If an invoice already exists there is no need to place an additional order. Your subscription will be become active once payment has been made.

3. Purchase a new subscription

If there is no existing invoice, scroll down to Subscriptions and click ‘Subscribe to STARS’ to place an order:

Select “STARS (Full Access)” and follow the prompts to submit payment (if applicable). Please allow at least 30 minutes for your new subscription to validate and then log-in to the STARS Reporting Tool.

For assistance with orders and invoicing or to bundle AASHE membership with a STARS subscription, please email

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