How do I register my organization for STARS or get access to the existing account?

1. Check to see if your institution is already registered

A current list of participants can be found on the Participants & Reports page of the STARS website.

  • If your institution is not already registered, move on to Step 2.
  • If your institution is already registered, and you would like to request access to the STARS account, please email

2. Access the STARS Registration Form

The registration page can be found under Participate – Register/Subscribe on the STARS website.

3. Type your institution name under “Find your institution”

If your institution name does not show up, try a different name variation (e.g., add/remove commas or hyphens). If the name still does not show up, please email to request that your organization be added to our database.

4. Add a Liaison and Executive Contact

A STARS registration can be completed at no cost, however contact information is needed for the Liaison and Executive Contact.

  • STARS Liaison – Main point person for STARS that will receive important communications related to the STARS account.
  • Executive Contact – An executive that receives occasional communications (e.g., copied on the “STARS Registration Success” and “Congratulations on your STARS Rating” emails). This contact may be the supervisor of the STARS Liaison, a top level executive (e.g., president/chancellor), or some other sustainability contact.

5. Confirm Successful Registration and Access the Reporting Tool 

The STARS Liaison and Executive Contact will receive an email titled, “STARS Registration Success”. This email includes links for accessing the STARS Reporting Tool.

For questions or to address access issues, email


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