How do I revise information in a published report?

An institution may correct a mistake or edit information to improve the quality of a published STARS report. Data revision requests must align with the timeframe for which the report was submitted. Recent updates can be shared in subsequent reports. 
To submit a revision request:

  1. Be sure you are logged into the STARS Reporting Tool as an Administrator.
  2. Access your institution’s public report and navigate to the credit for which you would like to submit revisions (be sure you have accessed the public report and not the My Submission section of the Reporting Tool).
  3. When logged in as an Administrator, you should see a pencil icon next to each reporting field (see image below). Click on the icon next to the field you would like to change to access the form.
  4. You will be asked to enter a new value for that field and a short explanation as to why the data is being revised.

Once the change has been approved by AASHE staff, the score for your institution’s report will be updated to reflect the change. The process for making revisions to an institution’s STARS Report will be the same even if the change results in a new rating.

NOTE: The above process applies to changes to STARS data fields only. If you wish to update an uploaded file, please email, include the file attachment and explanation of what it should replace, and the STARS team will make the update for you.

Please note that a current subscription is not required to revise a published report.


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