What happens after we submit our STARS report?

As soon as you submit the report, it will be locked. Unscored reports (STARS Reporter submissions) are published right away. Submissions for a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum rating are reviewed by AASHE staff for accuracy and consistency before the report is published and a rating is awarded.

Submissions are reviewed in the order they are received. AASHE staff will review at least one third of the credits. Following the review, we will send you an email detailing any revisions that need to be made, as well as suggestions for improvement (which are optional to make) and we will unlock the individual credits so that you can address those specific issues. Whenever possible, you will hear from us within 10 business days after a report has been submitted. During February – May of each year and at other times when there is a high volume of submissions, the initial review may take as long as 20 business days (or one calendar month).

Once review results are shared with your institution, it will take some additional time for you to address those results before the report can be published. Revisions typically take one to three additional weeks, depending on the number of inconsistencies identified.

Once the review and revision process is complete, the report will be published on the STARS website and an certificate of appreciation will be emailed to the STARS Liaison, Executive Contact and President/Chancellor.

The total amount of time between the date you submit and the date you receive your published report and rating depends primarily on how quickly you address the requests for revision. We require these to be completed within 60 days of receiving your review results; however, you could receive your final score much sooner if there are few issues to address and/or any issues are addressed quickly.

Learn more about the collaborative review and revision process.

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