What are the different sections of the Reporting Tool?

When you log in to the STARS Reporting Tool, you will see a menu on the left side of the page that it is organized into the following sections. Some sections are only accessible to users with Administrator privileges. 

My SummaryAdministrators can add and manage users and Responsible Parties, update contact information, and share and manage data.

My Submission. Administrators and Data Entry users can record and save information in credits; access credit criteria, definitions, and guidance; monitor your provisional score and rating (full access subscribers); and (Administrators only) submit your STARS report.

Preview Submission. Preview your report before you submit it. Users with Observer access will only be able to view this section. 

My Resources. Access quick links to data tracking spreadsheets, template emails, press releases, any STARS seals that your institution has earned, and other promotional tools.

My Published Report(s)Review and download your institution’s published STARS reports.

SettingsSelect your institution’s preferred units: SI (Metric)  or IP (US/Imperial).


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