What does credit status mean?

By default, each credit in the Reporting Tool is marked “Not Started”. When you are ready to save the information you have documented in a credit, you will have the following options. You will be able to go back and edit credits, including changing the status of individual credits, up until you submit your report to AASHE.

  • Not Applicable (selected credits). The credit is not relevant to your institution and should not count toward scoring calculations. To save a credit as Not Applicable, you will have to select a valid reason from a pre-populated drop-down menu.
  • Not Pursuing. You have decided to opt out of the credit and accept zero points for it. This may be because the required information is not available or you are simply not ready to pursue the credit at this time.
  • In Progress. You are still editing and may not have completed all required documentation fields.
  • Complete. You have completed all required documentation fields. Saving a credit as Complete will identify any errors, calculate the score and allow you to continue editing.

Once you publish the STARS report you’re working on, every credit that includes data will be marked “In Progress” in the Report Builder to indicate that they are available for editing when you begin your next report.


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