What resources are available to help me complete a high-quality report? (VIDEO)

The Resources & Support section of the STARS website includes several resources for individuals looking to submit a STARS report. They can also be useful for folks thinking about signing up for STARS, or even reviewers that have been tasked with checking an institution’s STARS data.  These resources include the Technical Manual, Forms & Templates, the Help Center, a STARS Community, and a press kit.

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Technical Manual

The Technical Manual page provides access to all STARS credits and reporting requirements. STARS 2.2 content is included at the top of the page, while content for Version 2.1 can be found below the 2.2 content. Under these sections, you will find:
  • The STARS Technical Manual available for download
  • A Credit Checklist can be accessed to get a snapshot of minimum requirements and applicability
  • An Innovation & Leadership catalog includes optional credits that may be added to earn bonus points.
  • The STARS 2.2 Summary of Changes provides an overview of how credits have changed from the previous version.
  • Links to each individual credit from the Technical Manual.

Forms & Templates

The Forms & Templates section of the website includes outreach, data collection, and quality assurance documents. Navigate to Outreach  

  • The Outreach section includes STARS overview documents and email templates for announcing STARS, colleague outreach and information requests.
  • Data Collection includes credit-specific templates like course and food & beverage purchasing inventories.
  • The Review & Assurance section includes the latest version of the STARS 2.1 and 2.2 Review Templates, which highlight common reporting issues.

Help Center

The Help Center includes articles on STARS-related topics and credits, and includes section on STARS Basics and Using the Reporting ToolThere are also several sections devoted to credit-specific content that include answers to FAQs, common issues for each credit, and reporting examples from other institutions. Navigate to the Template.

STARS Community

The STARS Community allows users to post questions or share updates with other STARS participants. Users can access the community through their AASHE log-in.

Press Kit

The STARS Press Kit provides resources for promoting your institution’s STARS rating. Here you will find press release templates, STARS talking points, seal images and logo use guidelines.


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