How do I upgrade to the latest version of STARS?

You may upgrade your report-in-progress (i.e., My Submission) to the current version of STARS at any time from the Manage Data tab in the My Summary section of the Reporting Tool. The tab may also be accessed by clicking the Upgrade button below in My Submission (if no buttons are visible, you are already working in the latest version of STARS):





When upgrading from one version of STARS to another, there are a few things to keep in mind:
  • Upgrading will copy all of the data saved in My Submission into a fresh submission set for editing. Not all credits and fields map directly between versions, however, so some saved information may not copy into the new version. For more information, please review the Summary of Changes that accompanies each new version.
  • All credits that include saved data will be marked as In Progress after the upgrade. Any existing scores will reset to zero as a result, and must be re-established manually by changing the status of credits to Complete and/or editing data as desired.
  • Although technically possible, it is not a trivial matter to revert back to a previous version, so please only upgrade when you’re ready.

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